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Dear Pastor John and precious members of my Sedge Fen family,

Thank you so much for your interest in my ministry and your desire to be part of it, both financially and with information in order to pray for me.

My life here has been so busy lately that I have been guilty of neglecting my accountability toward all of you and for this, I send my deepest regrets.

Inez Sprutt

Inez Sprutt

At this present, the Lord has broadened my ministry by putting me in an old folk’s home where I am caring for my elderly, Alzheimer parents. Both my father and mother are now living there which has been a great deal of work for me since I moved them just this past month. I am still cleaning out their home and going to their new home, my new witnessing home.

My usual day consists of going out on the street and building trusting relationships with the homeless, alcoholics, and drug users in order to be able to share the good news of God’s Word with them. Now God has given me the opportunity to witness to the elderly who live at my parent’s new home. I also am associated with the I.B.C. where I volunteer with the ladies ministries, and from time to time I am asked to go to I.B.C. churches to share my testimony and teach, which I love doing, but my heart is in the precious people that God sends to me as I roam the streets.

The days seem to never be long enough and sometimes the daily duties get in my way of writing news letters. I thank God for Skype as I have been able to communicate my testimony with many, many more people who live 1000’s of miles from me. I love coming to you and sharing the work God puts before me but that will now be harder with the current economic situation. Ryanair has been my transportation in the past but they are now charging more for this so I now will look to the Lord’s leading.

Let it be known that I Love all of you and your generous love in helping me with my work here in the Netherlands.

I was so happy to hear that you have a pastor coming and look forward to meeting him and working with him as we do our best to spread God’s love and truth. I am sending pictures of some of the people I witness to here with their names and trust that you will keep them in your prayers.

I will include in this mail two pictures of myself and I will sent in another mail the pictures of some of the people I witness to on the street of my city.

Again thank you for whatever you are able to send in the way of support and know that God doubles it for His kingdom. I look forward to meeting your new members and having time to share with them the next time I am able to come and visit. Thank you again for your love, prayers, and financial concern.

In the Grip of His Grace,

Inez Spruit.


“more Missionary reports coming”