Evangelism, sharing the Gospel with those who are separated from God, is the task of every believer. At Sedge Fen Baptist, we believe that the most fruitful evangelism takes place as individual believers engage others in their daily lives whether they be family, co-workers, peers, or passing acquaintances. Thus, we equip believers to fulfill that task through such things as discipleship seminars and special prayer emphases, by making tracts available, and so on.

We also believe, however, that there can be a place for concerted, evangelistic endeavors to bring focus to our corporate evangelism strategy. These will aim to create church-wide opportunities for people to get involved in outreach, whatever their age, comfort level, or station in life. There are even opportunities for families with preschool kids to get involved. These opportunities may include:

  • Tract distribution at local festivals;
  • evangelistic prayer commitments;
  • prayer-walking challenges
  • And more!