Totally Scriptural
Sedge Fen Church has a zeal for the Word of God. We believe in the truth of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and we seek to make those words of life the center of all we do.  Sedge Fen strives to be Totally Scriptural.

Passionately Spiritual
Sedge Fen Church has a passion for God. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are freed from the bondage of living for things that don’t last. Instead, the Spirit of God empowers us to live for Christ. All true joy and satisfaction are found in Him alone. We desire that our worship when we are gathered together as Christ’s church would be a reflection of the worship that takes place through the daily offering of each of our lives—worshipping God in spirit and in truth. Sedge Fen strives to be Passionately Spiritual.
Eternally Significant
Sedge Fen Church has a heart for the community and the nations. We continually encourage our membership to always be on a mission. We believe every member should possess a valid Passport and always be ready to “go”.  We believe that everyone “in Christ” is a missionary, and everyone “outside of Christ” is a mission field. So whether it’s a local endeavor or someplace into the uttermost parts of the world, we desire to see His fame and glory spread among all peoples. Sedge Fen strives to be Eternally Significant by always being ready to share the hope that is within us with meekness and fear (…. I Peter 3:15).